Spider-Man Eye Collage

by French artist Mr Garcin

Spiderman eye collage


Animal Sculptures From Discarded Utensils

Japan born artist Sayaka Ganz is driven by fitting strange objects together into amazingly fluid sculptures… which is good because she says she has a “strange sympathy for discarded objects.” In the Shinto beliefs of Japan all objects are seen as having inner spirits and preschoolers are often told that items discarded before their time weep in the trash can. Her fantastic works bring out that spirit in animals created of old plastic spoons, colanders and other kitchen utensils… not what you’d expect for building sculptures that look almost alive. See more of her beautifully recycled pieces at sayakaganz.com.

Via: amusingplanet.com

Detailed sketches – a bit creepy but still interesting

The artist is quite a mystery; he describes his biography in a very odd way, but his name is for sure Vladislav Novikov-Barkovsky and he is an art-director of Red Richman Creative Studio, and that’s about it. He decided to make “anatomical sketches of a traveler” as he calls it himself, of not only of Guevara and Dracula, but also Dr. Zoidberg from the famous animated TV sitcom Futurama is also there, as well as Pinocchio, a butterfly and others. The skulls are drawn on old fashioned sepia-colored paper that gives them a pirate-ish look.

The papers are even ripped at some places, and I bet they feel like several hundred years old, and that just goes hand in hand with the skull part. Another artist have also used skulls to express his art; he made some really weird steel sculptures.