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Three New Captain America Character Posters Revive The Marketing Campaign

With Thor safely in theaters and making the buckets of money expected of it, Marvel Studios can now focus on their other giant release of the summer, Captain America: The First Avenger. We didn’t actually hear anything about the film in the entire month of May, as Paramount essentially pumped the brakes on the marketing campaign in order to let Thor flourish, and I guess marshall their resources for getting their next film, Super 8, out in theaters next week. But now there’s a sign of life in what’s sure to be a quickly escalating marketing campaign before the film’s July 22 release– three new character posters have popped up at the Brazilian site CineMarcado; it’s unclear if these are foreign posters or will also pop up in the United States, but since they’re pretty much just photos it doesn’t really make a difference.

Check out the three below, featuring Cap (Chris Evans), the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and love interest Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) looking sassy/scarily at the camera. After enjoying the hell out of the 60s setting in X-Men: First Class, I’m looking forward even more to seeing the Captain America adventure unfold in the 40s– because the only movie villain more foolproof than the Soviets, of course, is the Nazis.

Thor Posters

The most recent American poster released for Thor seemed to be trying to sell the movie as a bit more serious, more of a drama about a guy who happens to have long blond hair and god-like powers than some insane comic book movie. For the two new international posters premiering today at Empire it’s back to marketing the ensemble cast and their crazy superhero outfits, using that great scourge of poster marketing: badly Photoshopped floating heads. Yeah, I know, it hurts me too.

The one that features Thor bending down with his hammer in hand is a little better, if only because it lets at least one person avoid being a floating head. Otherwise, though, they both seem utterly off the assembly line, each major character airbrushed and slapped on top of the dark background, Natalie Portman looking particularly out of place because she’s not wearing some crazy helmet. I mean, on some level they get the job done– both of these posters scream “Giant budget superhero movie!” and ape the Iron Man marketing well enough to draw in the same audience. Thor isn’t exactly where I would immediately look for movie marketing originality, but still, it’s always a bummer to see those blasted floating heads make a comeback.

Check out both of the posters below and click for larger versions at Empire. Thor will kick off the summer movie season here in the States when it opens on May 6; it hits even earlier, on April 27, in the UK.