Passion Play Poster

Katey Rich had the opportunity to see a film titled Passion Play, starring Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox and Bill Murray. To put it mildly, the whole thing sounds like a masterpiece of awful. The movie was so incredibly bad, in fact, that Katey actually decided not to write a standard review, and instead wrote up a list of 15 things you need to know about it, including the fact that a group of ninjas pop up at the beginning and are never explained and that Rourke and Fox “have fairly graphic sex.” Needless to say, we watched in amazement as the film was actually picked up for distribution, and now Entertainment Weekly has learned that it will actually make its way to theaters.

According to the site, previous reports that the movie would go straight to DVD are incorrect, and that the film will be given a limited release in New York and Los Angeles – but it won’t be around long. Set to hit theaters on May 6, the DVD release date (no word of a Blu-ray in the article) is May 31, which may very well set the record for fastest movie to go from first theatrical release to home video. To go with the news, EW also received the first one-sheet for the film which, surprise, surprise, isn’t anything spectacular.

Check out the poster below and see it full size over at EW.

New Battle: Los Angeles Poster

Given the magnitude of the film, it’s surprising how few posters we’ve seen for Battle: Los Angeles. Three trailers and a Super Bowl spot have been released, but when it comes to artwork there’s only a teaser poster and one standard one-sheet. Perhaps they’re just taking their time thinking of designs, because this new one is incredible.

IGN has released a new poster for Battle: Los Angeles, and while I described the last poster as “simple and cool,” this one is a touch more epic. Once again not feeding us talking heads, group shots or blue-and-orange cookie cutter palettes, the new artwork shows off what I can only imagine is the giant spaceship with a lone, faceless soldier staring it down. It’s pretty incredible and makes me hope more blockbusters learn from its example.