Intruders Poster

A creepy poster for the Intruders of Clive Owen.
Communication & sensory are void here in this new graphic.

Exclusive: Theatrical One-Sheet for Intruders 


Visual illusions

Now you can examine your psychological order by going through the simple and unfussy analysis. These illusions are invented by a Japanese psychiatrist Akiyoshi Kitaoka (A. Kitaoka). Without any trouble you can make your mind up, from which category of psychological condition you have to muddle through. Illusions are actually remaining at a halt for a calm and relaxed person. If the illusions seem to be in active shift then you need a holiday and lastly the worst case of all, if these illusions give the impressions of rapid changing then most appropriate place for you is the hospital. By observing the series of images, given below you can diagnose, how much you are mentally calm and peaceful.


The Death Star [Infographic]

The Most Iconic Fictional Vehicle: The Death Star [Infographic]

The Galactic Empire was an authoritarian government that used fear to rule the galaxy. To maintain order and control, the Empire built a series of Death Stars, moon-sized battle stations with lasers that could destroy planets. What better for the Car Insurance Guide, in partnership with Geeks are Sexy, to chronicle than the Death Star? Throughout the Star Wars films, two Death Stars are built, the first is completed and later destroyed and the second is under construction when it’s blown up.


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