Project 1

Direct Mail Piece

You will choose a retail product & advertise the product or service in a direct mail piece.

Pick an existing project or service & advertise it in a direct mail piece.

It will be full color.

Your layout must include at least two images & a mailing address.
Include images of the product or service, logos & text from existing product advertisements.

The layout will be two sides.
Two page document.

You may pick one of 3 sizes:
• 8.5” width x 5.5” height
• 11” width x 6” height
• 11” width x 8.5” height

You must include a mailing area.

After the project is designed, print out & mount on Carolina board & export a PDF file with the crop marks, page information, color
bars & registration bars. Submit the printed PDF with the final layout. (You will be turning in two files, one mounted & one with the cropmarks unmounted.)

Due Date:
Due at 11/4 6:15 PM
Remember, project must be turned in before 6:15 PM or you will lose one letter grade. Two days late will be recorded as an F (59%).

PDF of Project1


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