Project 3

Project 3

Course Number:
Production Level One | CR 101

Course Title:
Introduction to Production Level One


Choose one of the following industries & create a booklet promoting a product or service they produce.
The company can be an existing or fictitious.
• Movie Studio
• Game Studio
• Design Studio
• Music Studio

To design  a  folding booklet that has a front & back cover with content on a duplex page that uses the three programs we covered in class.
In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop

To design a project and simulate it being submitted to a print shop for production.

Layout Size:
• 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches

• Needs to include at least one vector image that you created,
• Needs to include at least one photo that you manipulated (masked, color corrected, techniques we covered in class.)
• Must use In-Design for the layout.
• Include Bleeds on Document.
• Files need to be packaged and handed in to the instructor. (Remember. all fonts, images & layout file turned in digitally)
• PDFX-1A needs to be turned in.
• Final needs to be printed & mounted on Carolina Board ( like previous project.)

Layout Specs

Presentation Display
(Scaled to fit 8.5in x 11 inches when printing, cut to finished size)

Due Date:
Due at 12/2 at 6:15 PM
Remember, project must be turned in before 6:15 PM or you will lose one letter grade. Two days late will be recorded as an F (59%).


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