Project 2

Course Number:
Production Level One | CR 101

Course Title:
Introduction to Production Level One

Magazine Digest Cover & Spread

To design  a new magazine.
One cover & one  magazine spread.

To design a magazine and carry the themed look into the interior of the magazine. The magazine will have a unique name and can be based on any subject, Music, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment …
(With instructors approval.)
Create a new magazine.
• Name of the magazine
• Create a Masthead (title graphic)
• Include main article on the cover design

Layout Size:
• Cover will be 5.5” x 8.5” ( Digest Size.)
• 11” x 8.5” (Two pages side by side.)

We will also be doing a class presentation on your design.

Due Date:
Due at 11/17 6:15 PM
Remember, project must be turned in before 6:15 PM or you will lose one letter grade. Two days late will be recorded as an F (59%).

Project2 PDF


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