Introduction to Typography


Mike Matamala | BS Graphic Design
8 years Print & Graphic working experience.
858-361-4711 |



Monday through Thursday | 6:00 to 10:00 PM 1/2 hour break


The Mac is Not a Typewriter
Robin Williams Peachpit Press 2003

Non Designers Type Book
Robin Williams Peachpit Press 2006

Lesson Materials:

The syllabus, course outline and unit guidelines for the entire course will be copied and given as a packet to the students on the first full day of class.

Course Description:

This course acquaints students with an introduction to InDesign and it’s basic functions (particularly for use in typography) and type terminology as it pertains to Graphic Design. Visual appeal, kerning, leading and form. Using type in practical applications pertaining to ad layout and designing combination marks and logos.

Instruction Method:

Lectures, demonstrations, projects and critiques, 2 Exams.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the course, the student will be familiar with:

The terminology associated with type
Type classifications and history
Copyfitting on the computer
Practical applications of type as a design element
Logo and combination mark design

Course Procedures:

The plan for learning typography includes:

Reading assignments
Student Binder of information
Demonstrations and exercises
Projects with deadlines and critiques

Grading Policies:

There will be scheduled tests throughout the module as well as a comprehensive final. The total points earned divided by the total points possible determines the student’s grade. Attendance and participation will be factored into the final grade.

Grading Scale:

A    90% – 100%
B    80% – 89%
C    70% – 79%
D*    60% – 69%
F    Below 59%
* Academic Probation


Attendance is extremely important in order to hear lectures and presentations, and ask questions as they arise. Students must complete 85% of the course hours to earn a satisfactory grade. Absences after three will count against final grade.

Class Rules:

If you miss a class for some reason, it is your responsibility to obtain copies of class notes and assignments. Copies of class assignments will be provided by the Teaching Assistant.

Cell phones and pagers must be turned off sound (put on vibrate). Cell phone or pagers that interrupt the class will be cause for a 5 point reduction  in grade for each incident. Please remember that you are college students and disruptions and rudeness are not a part of the class Environment.

Please wear head phones if you choose to listen to IPods or MP3 Players and keep the volume down please.

Make up Policy:

A student who misses a regularly scheduled test may make arrangements for a make up test as follows:

The student shall receive the actual grade earned.

The student must contact the instructor on the student’s first day returning to request a make up test.

When a student is aware, in advance of a scheduled test,  that he/she will not be able to take  at the scheduled time,  the student will contact the instructor no less then one day in  advance.

The instructor will make arrangements for the student to take the test prior to the date on which the test is  scheduled.


may chang

e for emergencies.

Any student who does not take a test in accordance with these policies shall receive a score of zero (failing grade ) on the test.

Grading Policy:

All critiqued projects have a firm deadline and are due at the set time for the critique. Any critiqued project that is late one day will receive a one letter grade reduction. A critiqued project turned in two days late will receive an F (59%). All exercise projects must be received by the end of the module or will be graded as an F (0%).

Attached is a PDF of the Syllabus.

PDF of Syllabus


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