Project 1: Logo Redesign

Redesign Of Existing Corporate Logo Or Lettermark


Your choice of logo with instructor approval.


To take an existing logo that you feel needs reworking or modernization and redesign it to your style.

The Computer will not be used for this project. The redesign must be able to withstand reduction to 1 inch without loss of line quality or definition. Your comp must be inked on marker paper and should be 6 to 8 inches across in either length or height.  This project will be black and white only no screen tints!

10 thumbnails, one full size rough (very tight) in pencil and one marker comped final mounted vertical on black carolina board, include a 25% reduction of your logo on the final mounted copy.


This is a black and white assignment. Do thumbnails on tracing paper. The final may be done on marker paper with black markers.

Due Date:

Due at 2/03/11 at 6:15 PM for critique.
Remember, project must be turned in before 6:15 PM or you will lose one letter grade. Two days late will be recorded as an F (59%).


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