Project 3: Band Logo & Poster

Combination Mark for a Rock Band & Poster

Design your own graphic design firm


Chosen by straw drawing. You must do the given band no trading or pleading to instructor about choice.


To be given a customer that you may or may not know much about and build them a quality logo as well as advertise them with a advertisement similar to what you would see in the Reader or City Beat.

The logo should be approximately 6 to 8 inches in width or height.
Like the personal logo you will ink the symbol and get it scanned to create type for the final combo mark and the poster. It can also be done on the computer.

20 thumbnails, 1 full size rough (very tight) in pencil and one marker rendering or computer print out final, mounted vertical on black mount board.

Then you will do a poster 8.5 x 11 inches advertising your band playing at a local club. (You can make up your own club or use an existing one, your choice).

It needs to have a date, time and an opening act listed on the poster.

Your logo  must be incorporated into the design on the poster.

Due March 8th 2011

Remember, project must be turned in before 6:15 PM or you will lose one letter grade. Two days late will be recorded as an F (59%).


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