Real Steel Poster

Author: Will LeBlanc

Real Steel from the day it was announced has sounded like the silliest movie we’re going to see this year. But we are going to see it, and that is what’s important. Hugh Jackman teaming up with his estranged son to train a championship-level boxing robot? I mean how can you say no to that. Regardless of any pre-release ridicule it’s received, including being called Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot more than once around the office, Real Steel looks like it’s going to be a pretty good time.

A new poster has appeared online and Hugh Jackman and his giant robot companion dare you to put up your dukes. Scope it out below.

The poster is actually pretty cool. It’s obviously Photoshopped because they probably didn’t have a big robot standing behind Jackman for the photshoot, but it’s pretty well blended. Jackman’s skin even still has some texture which isn’t always the case with poster design. The poster does a pretty good job of giving viewers an idea of what to expect out of the film, which in this case means eight foot tall robots fighting each other.

The only downer here is the horrible tagline “Courage is Stronger Than Steel.” Only once has there been a tagline as generic and boring as this–Clash of the Titans‘ original tag was “Titans Will Clash–and they promptly changed it. But we won’t worry too much about it because the movie looks ridiculous and fun.

Real Steel with punch its way into theater on October 7th.


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