Photoshop for iPad?

adobe creative suite 4 msp1 Photoshop for iPad?

Adobe and Apple haven’t been buddies ever since Apple decided it was going to hire all of the Premiere team and make a video editing program that wasn’t outrageously broken. It’s a fight that only got worse when Apple banned Flash from iPhone and iPad in favor of HTML 5. Adobe has recently made a peace gesture by creating Wallaby, which can transcode Flash to HTML 5, and now is showing another allegedly experimental technology: Photoshop.


Yes, Adobe has developed Photoshop for the iPad, but they’re claiming it’s just a demo and that they’re totally not going to release it for the iPad. Like totally not. They just spent all that money on developing an expensive version of their most popular software on a concept! Honest! Photoshop Express will be the only version of Photoshop available on iPad! Really!

We’d be more sarcastic, but that’s really kicking Adobe in the middle of eating humble pie, so instead we’ll talk about the demo. It’s pretty all around amazing, and takes full advantage of the touchscreen for precision and accuracy. For an alleged demo, it’s incredibly fully featured, hence all the smart remarks about how this’ll never get released. This’ll be on iPad by the end of 2012, mark our words.


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