Detailed sketches – a bit creepy but still interesting

The artist is quite a mystery; he describes his biography in a very odd way, but his name is for sure Vladislav Novikov-Barkovsky and he is an art-director of Red Richman Creative Studio, and that’s about it. He decided to make “anatomical sketches of a traveler” as he calls it himself, of not only of Guevara and Dracula, but also Dr. Zoidberg from the famous animated TV sitcom Futurama is also there, as well as Pinocchio, a butterfly and others. The skulls are drawn on old fashioned sepia-colored paper that gives them a pirate-ish look.

The papers are even ripped at some places, and I bet they feel like several hundred years old, and that just goes hand in hand with the skull part. Another artist have also used skulls to express his art; he made some really weird steel sculptures.


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