Another Earth

Though it contains an irresistible sci-fi premise– a “mirror Earth” is discovered behind the sun, populated by what seem to be alternate versions of every person on our own Earth– the low-budget film is much more of an intimate drama, about a young woman (Marling) responsible for killing a man’s wife and child in a car accident. Years later, as Earth II grows larger in the sky, she reconnects with the man (William Mapother) and attempts to make amends in the kind of circuitous, unsuccessful ways characters in indie dramas tend to do. I enjoyed some things about the film and was frustrated by others– you can read my video review from Sundance along with Erin McCarthy for more on that– but it’s a film that asks a lot of questions and contains some genuine emotions, which is a lot more than you can say for most of the movies hitting this summer.

Another Earth opens in limited release on July 22. You can also see the film’s first poster below.


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