Star Wars with Zombies

Star Wars with Zombies article written by: Andy Green


The Star Wars Universe, much like our own is constantly expanding. There is a constant flow of new sanctioned novels that are added to the continuity every year. It’s a lot to keep up with, even for the most socially awkward of nerds. Some of these novels end up being weird and others end up being classic. The 2009 Star Wars Novel “Death Troopers” by Joe Schrieber has between it’s covers, a concept that may very well put some lovers of Star Wars in a coma. Death Troopers follows an Imperial prison barge filled with some of the galaxies nastiest folks, that breaks down in a remote part of the galaxy. Out of nowhere a super spooky aimlessly drifting Star Destroyer floats on by. That’s when things get kinda goofy. The gang enters the vessel to get some parts and goodies. What they find in there isn’t just dartboards with the emperors picture on it… or pinup pictures of Leia. Nope, they find a zombie disease AND a whole mess of zombie Storm Troopers.It might be too much to combine the cornerstones of internet nerd culture. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. If society has brought zombies and Star Wars full circle, the apocalypse may truly be nigh. Where do we go from here? It just kind of leaves you feeling empty inside. Either way this fan-made promo video for Death Troopers will make any of us Star Wars fanatics call our Grandmothers to talk about zombie storm troopers.

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