Here’s your first look at Immortals, the latest in heroes versus gods movie, and almost certain to be better than Clash of the Titans. The posters certainly are.

The following images first debuted at Wonder Con but now they’ve been made available in high-res. The Immortals posters below showcase stars Henry Cavill as Theseus, Luke Evans as Zeus, Kellen Lutz as Poseidon, Isabel Lucas as Athena, and Daniel Sharman as Aries. Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, and Stephen Dorff are also in the film, but no sign of their posters so far. Take a look:

Expect Immortals in theaters on November 11th, and of course, it’ll be in 3D. As if 2D is even an option. For more detailed info on the film, including a plot synopsis and images visit its page in the Blend Film Database.


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