Dimestore Graphic Novel Designs by Fonografiks [Art]

It was nearly a year ago that we first wrote about Steven Finch’s inspired redesigns of popular comic books as dime store paperback novels. The artist also known as Fonografiks promised there were more in the works and he was not lying. Hellblazer, Planetary, and Ex-Machina are just some of the new designs we have to show you.

Fonografiks is behind some of the memorable book designs of some pretty cool indie comics released in the last few years. The Eisner-winning PopGun anthology series sports masthead and interior design by Fonografiks, as does 24Seven Vol. 2 (lettering) and Mark Sable & Robbi Rodriguez’s Hazed (logo). Most recently, Fonografiks contributed designs for Image Comics’ SkullKickers, Halcyon and The Mission.

You can check out more of Finch and Fotografiks’ work at fonografiks.com and on DeviantArt.

[Via Fumetti DC Comics]

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