Awesome X-MEN Poster

After last nights’s X-Men: First Class abominations were released (I refuse to call those posters) we were all left with a really sour, back-alley taste in our mouths. I mean, we’ve seen some bad terrible posters in our day, but those may just be the worst.

So for this morning’s A.M. Awesome I thought I’d bring to light a poster made by artist Eric Tan that he created back in 2007. Posted on Twitter today by Last Exit To Nowhere, this poster has nothing to do with the upcoming film, but is a stellar poster showing off the era of X-Men we should expect out of First Class.

As he says, it’s inspiration was taken from old school German cinema posters and the effect is shockingly awesome. Don’t get your hopes up for Sentinels in First Class though. Again, this isn’t something that will be used as marketing material for the film, it’s simply something I thought you all might be able to brush your teeth with this morning. Happy Wednesday!

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