Final Review!

What are the parts of a letter?
What does Monospaced mean in Typography?
What is an Em-Dash?
What is an En-Dash?
What is a Hyphen?
When should you use an underline?
What is Kerning?
WHat is a Widow?
What is an Orphan?
What is Leading?
What is Justified Text?
What is Readability?
What is Legibility?
What is a Counter?
What is  a Descender?
What is an Ascender?
What is a Baseline?
What size should body copy be?
When is type considered Display Type?
What is an X-height?
What is a point?
What is a Pica?
What does 3p6 mean?
How do you create a new doc?
How do you increase type?
How do you increase leading?
How do you adjust kerning?
How do you copy?
How do you paste?
How do you cut?
What is the difference with the selection tool & the direct select tool?
How do you place an image?
What is In-Design?
What is a bleed?
What is DPI?
What is a vector graphic?
What is a raster graphic?
What is the size of a standard business card?


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