Retro Inception

christopher nolan leonardo dicaprio joseph gordon levitt inception oscar scorsese

I love how a designer can visually represent a movie with complex themes using a simple graphic. I also really like the retro look.

Typography students, comment on this post, if it works or does not work and why. Receive 5 extra points on your band logo/ poster project.

One comment on “Retro Inception

  1. I think it works because like you said, it’s making a complex idea but using simplicity. Just like in the movie where he asked the girl to create a puzzle and all she did was drew circles but it became the most complex maze. And using simple architecture to memorize for yourself yet fool the others thinkibg it’s difficult. And I like the different colors because it looks like it’s incorporating layers.. And just like the movie, they go into layers of dreams. So yes, I believe this says a lot about the movie’s concept.

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