5 comments on “Handwritten Logo Design

  1. I think it adds personality, character and uniqueness, because of the fact that every handwriting is practically different. It also adds simplicity, which can give an elegant touch to the logo.

  2. Don’t think my comment went through last time. But I think a written logo have more of a personal approach towards the client. Not only that, it also brings up the notion of timelessness and family tradition, where a family within different generation will continue to buy the same product and brand over and over.

  3. I feel they represent a more traditional company, especially when done in a cursive script. It’s a great choice for luxury brands, i.e. Davidoff, as they can be tied to old world, quality-of-workmanship; and can be further construed as indicative of a brand’s attention to detail. It’s a final touch that can alleviate some buyer’s remorse for spending so much.

  4. I know I am late I just wanted to be one of the cool kids.
    I relate handwritten logos to getting a comic book or a piece of artwork signed by your favorite artist. There is a degree of attachment there, a stamp of quality and a portion of that person, or company, left behind enhancing whatever it is you may have purchased or experienced.

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