Kinetic Typography

Popular Movie Scenes Expressed by Typography


Movies aren’t only sources of entertainment, they are also masterpieces that display the true power of the creative human mind. However, is it possible to achieve the same results by recreating the most popular movie scenes using only typography, dialogue and music? The creators of the following videos certainly believe so.

Kill Bill – Kinetic Typography/Motion Type

Lucy Liu’s impassioned and memorable speech from Kill Bill is equally impactful when recreated through typography. By effectively incorporating colors for emphasis and varying the font speed, this video is a masterful example of creative inspiration.

Dwight’s Speech (Typography)

The Office is perhaps the greatest sitcom to place a comical spin on the reality television craze. In this typographic rendition, Dwight Schrute, the show’s most impassioned and quirky character, quotes a famous Mussolini speech. Pay close attention to the font usage as, if you are a show follower, you will understand that it’s the perfect complement to Dwight’s personality.

Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl in Typography

Comedic speeches lend themselves perfectly to typographic recreations as evidenced in this scene from the popular film “Wedding Crashers”. If you didn’t already possess an appreciation for Vince Vaughn’s trademark rambling speeches, you certainly will after viewing this typography video.

Psycho Typography

Who could forget the creepy classic film Psycho? This video effectively uses motion typography to create a dark and eerie backdrop for the movie’s most famous scene. Pay special attention to how the jumbled text elements play on the disoriented dialogue being spoken in the background.

Super Troopers – “Meow Game” (Typography)

If you are a Super Troopers fan, you likely know which scene this video recreates without even watching it. Punchy and packed with humor, this one can’t be missed. Alright, meow?

The Breakfast Club Moving Type

This classic scene from “The Breakfast Club” lends itself perfectly to a typography recreation. The back-and-forth dialogue between teacher and student is even further emphasized with effective font usage.

V for Vendetta in Kinetic Typography

Highly political and wonderfully produced, “V for Vendetta” contains several popular movie scenes that have been replayed since the movie’s release. This typographic rendition of the movie’s top scene is wonderfully crafted and also provides an opportunity to better understand V’s eloquent and dramatic speaking style.

Fight Club – Chemical Burn – Kinetic Typography

Dark, chaotic, and absolutely beautiful, this video is a perfect graphic recreation of one of Fight Club’s most memorable scenes. The use of bold text in 3D space takes those who have seen the movie back to the turning point that this scene is known for.

Superbad Typography

“Superbad” can easily be called a new comedic classic. This scene, where the movie’s adventure truly begins is wonderfully created as a typography video. Pay special attention to how typography motion is used for emphasis throughout the scene.


These examples display the power of design and how typography can be used to relay any emotion. The simple use of color or bold fonts can portray a speaker’s meaning without the need to view that individual.

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