Class Notes: 2/7/10

Today we are going to go over Typography terms & practices:

The Mac is Not a Typewriter

Kerning Pgs 35, 36

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. In a well kerned font, the two-dimensional blank spaces between each pair of characters all have similar area. The related term kern denotes a part of a type letter that overhangs the edge of the type block.

Widows & Orpans 45, 46


• A paragraph-ending line that falls at the beginning of the following page/column, thus separated from the remainder of the text.


A paragraph-opening line that appears by itself at the bottom of a page/column.

Hyphenations & Line breaks Pgs 47-50

Avoid more than two hyphenations in a row.
Avoid too many hyphenations in any paragraph.

Avoid stupid hyphenations.
Never hyphenate a heading.
Break lines sensibly.

Leading, or Linespacing Pgs 51-54

Leading or Line spacing refers to the distance between the baselines of successive lines of type. The term originated in the days of hand-typesetting, when thin strips of lead were inserted into the formes to increase the vertical distance between lines of type.

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