Captain America Movie Poster

After a whole slew of images from the film hit the Internet over the last few days, we’ve finally got the look at Captain America that you’ll be seeing everywhere before its July 22 release– the film’s official one-sheet poster has debuted at, and you can check it out below. While most of the images have emphasized Cap as a bright and shiny, red-white-and-blue American hero type, the poster is going gritty and grimy, Cap holding his shield low and bowing his head, surrounded by flying debris as if he’s in the middle of battle. It’s not exactly a “dark” look at Captain America, but not the blue-sky optimism you might expect either.

The costume looks great, as it has in all the other images, and Evans continues to look good in it, so I’m mostly intrigued by what they’re going for with all the grim imagery. To me this poster screams “Captain America is not Superman, and this is not necessarily a happy superhero movie.” Contrast it to the photo on the cover of Empire Magazine a few weeks back, with Cap standing in front of a giant American flag like Patton. Then again we learned from director Joe Johnston recently that Cap’s sidekick Bucky will be a “much darker character,” so maybe that’s some of the influence we’re seeing in the poster.


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