X-Men Family Tree

If you know me, I love design & the organization of elements. This breaks down the relational information by character. It is don really cool! Confused… Read more Comics!

There are a couple I do not even know. If you are in my Typography class & can name who these characters are & give me their origin, you get 5 extra points on your logo Re-Design Project.


5 comments on “X-Men Family Tree

  1. 1. Legion, mutant son of Xavier
    2. Vulcan, brother of Cyclops and Havok
    3. Daken, son of Wolverine
    4. Azazel, Biological father of Nightcrawler


  2. From Daryck Caldemeyer
    This character’s name is Azazel. He is for all intents and purposes the Lucifer of the Marvel world. He is Nightcrawler’s father. His storyline is pretty much cut
    and paste from the bible except that names have been changed all over the

    I had to ask my brother about this guy. His name is Vulcan and he is supposed to be Cyclops’ youngest brother. The Scarlet witch had something to do with
    his origin. He was focused on taking down the Shi’tar Empire, and I do not understand much more of this email for my brother related to this dude.

    This is supposed to be Daken, Wolverines child with his wife Itsu from ages ago. When Itsu was killed
    Daken lived, somehow, and apparently he trained to be an assassian just to go after his father. Don’t ask me how he found out who he was with his mother being dead
    and him surviving from the womb. I could go on about this guy. His story is far-

    If you haven’t been told yet you might beat yourself up when I tell you who this is. This is Prof. Xavier’s
    son Legion. He had a multiple personality issue of some kind and when the X-men
    tried to help him he ended up with an intelligence level of a child. He was incredibly
    powerful though and he took it upon himself to go back in time and kill Magneto to
    help his father but he accidently kills him instead. Bishop went back in time to
    prevent it and succeeded.

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