The Flaming C Returns!

Conan O’Brien: late night talk show host and cartoon superhero. reports that when the redheaded O’Brien was with NBC, he was the weak animated sidekick to Jim Gaffigan in the “Pale Force” web cartoons. But now he’s back, thanks to the help of other members of the Warner Bros. empire, and he’s been turned into a less-weak super hero.

On Monday night, O’Brien debuted The Flaming C, his superhero counterpart. describes that the hero wears fishnet stocking, loafers, and a steaming oven mitt on his right hand. Top DC animator Bruce Timm drew the Flaming C with lots of input from the TBS talk show host.

The Flaming C made an appearance in a clip of the Cartoon Network’s series, Young Justice.


2 comments on “The Flaming C Returns!

  1. Heya Mike!

    Glad to see you’re still posting in your off-season.

    I just wanted you to know that in my current class the teacher does not blog, and it totally sucks. I think not only should you keep doing it, but they should make it mandatory for all teachers to post their assignments on a blog.

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    I’m listing you as a reference! Please let me know if you object to doing so. I’m only doing it because you know how truly badass I am (just kidding… kind of).

    Talk to you later!


    • I really enjoy blogging.. it’s fun. You can always use me as a reference. I like the flow of your site, the eye follows the red stroke, nice touch. Good luck on the interview.. Bad Ass!

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