Final Exam

Final, today at December 1 • 6:00 PM


6 comments on “Final Exam

  1. Can anyone tell me what a “rule” is in graphic arts?? Or where to find it in the book? I don’t understand the question… pwease T_T

    • Production Terms
      Here is everything that was posted. Hope that helps!

      1. What is a font?
      2. What typefaces are best used for long reference listings such as a glossary?
      3. What is a “Rule” in graphic arts?
      4. What is a Duo tone?
      5. What is color separations?
      6. What is a counter?
      7. What does CMYK stand for?
      8. What is a Tiff?
      9. What is a JPEG?
      10. What does a Pre-Press department do?
      11. What is a raster graphic?
      12. What is a proof?
      13. What is RGB?
      14. What is CMYK?
      15. What is an aqueous coating?
      16. What is offset printing?
      17. What is press check?
      18. What does the color Red represent?
      19. What does the color White represent?
      20. What does the color Purple represent?
      21. What is Screen printing?
      22. What are layers?
      23. Printing Process
      24. Flexography
      25. CMYK vs RGB
      26. What are the parts of an Offset press?
      27. Workflows in Prepress.

  2. Thanx Mike… I’m such a bone-head. I saw these questions but thought they were the questions from the last class (typography)… you can haze me after the final (lol)

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