Class Trip: Storyville

November 18th • 8PM
$5.00 for Students | $18:00 for Guest

It’s 1917 in the middle of Mardi Gras. Just two blocks from the French Quarter is Storyville, the red light district of New Orleans with its saloons, gambling joints and brothels. Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey and Jelly Roll Morton are creating the unique sound of American jazz and this is the place to hear it.

Butch Cobra Brown, a former prizefighter with trumpet in hand, arrives to join the musical renaissance. The star of the cabaret scene is torch singer Tigre Savoy. They might become
lovers, but the political machine has its own plan for their futures.

Storyville features a high stakes boxing match, illegal middle of the night smuggling, sizzling trumpet duets and red hot cabaret dancing from the stage of “Mulligan’s Saloon.”

With a cast of 21 singers and dancers and a smokin’ seven-piece band, Storyville is a
musical that will set the house on fire!


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