Last Day of Class

The Last Day of Class

Type Bootcamp Due!


3 comments on “Last Day of Class

  1. I’ve seen the work of the crying children photographer, whose name I don’t remember. Very controversial stuff. I hear the most common way she gets kids to cry is by giving them candy then taking it away… Then murdering their parents.

      I think it is the responsibility of art to evoke an emotion.
      We solve problems & sell things with design, fine art (photography,) freezes time for that moment in time we will never get back. Good or bad.
      I do have a young son… most of the time, if he doesn’t get his way, he can have the same reaction. 🙂

      Thanks Nick!

    • I hear the SAME exact scenario with the Drill instructor – recruit video. He gives him a promise of the a stable life, takes it away . . .. . . . Then murder’s his self esteem.

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