Class Recap: Thursday

In class we did a mini logo presentation.

Each student needed to bring in a logo or icon in print to showcase in class. Type is all around us, from magazine advertisements  showing the correct pronunciation of a state (Hawaii,) to a company that donates shoes to people who are in need for every shoe they sell (Tom’s.)


We explored the different tools in the program & used key commands.
Here are a couple of the key commands we went over.

CMD = Command
OPT= option

CMD – N = New Document
CMD – O = Open
CMD – 0 = Fit in Window
CMD – X = Cut
CMD – Z = Undo
CMD – OPT – Shift/ <> Increase text size

Project: Logo Redesign
(See project page)

Choose an existing logo than needs redesign, redesign it .

10 thumbnails
1 or more semi-comp
Final Logo, presented 6 to 8 inches & a 25% reduction.


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