5 Points Toward Your Project!

5 Points Added To Your Logo Redesign Grade!

Jack in the Box has redesigned their logo to a more modern 3D look.

Reply to this post & post a comment telling me if its good or bad. I will add 5 points toward your Logo Redesign Project. You have to respond by Wednesday, September 15 • 10:00 PM.


5 comments on “5 Points Toward Your Project!

  1. I was pleased to see the new design. I consider it an improvement.
    It went from Jack in the 2 dimensional square to a much more cube-like box. They went for big change it this re-design. The only remaining element of the original design is the bold red coloring that has become an identifiable trademark. The new logo features an entirely new choice in typography. The off-center Jack is original, yet keeps a classic feel to it.
    One thing I would like to point out is the difference as far as branding goes. While the previous logo was Jack in the Box (trademark), the current logo is Jack (trademark) and then “in the box” as it’s own separate statement. This could be to do with restructuring within the company or just a move to drop “in the box” altogether. Originally the logo was just that a Jack in a box, over the past couple of years there have been all sorts of advertising schemes relating to Jack himself (If you remember the keep Jack alive, Operating Room marketing scheme) and has had much less to do with the box. Jack is now a man with legs, a family and important business decisions to make, it seems he has been liberated from his box for quite some time now. This is Jack – thinking outside the box.

  2. Jack in the Box made the right decision by switching to their new logo. Here are the reasons why I agree with their choice:

    – The modern look compliments their shift towards more modern branding, which is also reflected in the newly redesigned interiors of their stores.

    – Their old logo looks dated and is difficult to read. Also, the word box appears to include a fish-shape, which has nothing to do with their product or brand.

    – The 3D design reflects modern consumers’ desire to be part of a more virtual world and the uprising trend of 3D media.

    – People recognize the 3D shape of the box from visiting the restaurant. The new logo emphasizes the cube shape, so the box may be present in all of Jack in the Box’s branding.

  3. I think it was a smart move to alter the original logo. The new logo breathes life into the monoweight, text blending style of the old logo. The 3d effect modernizes it and the thinner, more subtle font sort of projects a feeling that counters the negative association of fattening food and franchises. The departure from all caps also adds a feeling of relaxation and informality, which helps to engender a different atmosphere with regard to the establishment as a whole.

  4. I liked the old one better. The new one is okay but I really think they could do better. Maybe I should try designing one for them. You know, put my money where my mouth is.

  5. I still like the old logo better. The new logo is more modern but I feel like the old logo is more recognizable, especially from a distant. Plus I’ve been going there for years and I guess I’m just use to seeing the old logo. Also I don’t like that the entire name isn’t inside the box of the new logo.

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