2010 Logo Design Trends

What makes a good logo?

Branding is the most important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. Companies that took their branding lightly during their inception may suffer in the long run. This happens even if their service or product is great, because their logo is unprofessional, confusing, or offensive. Companies with bad logos may not be taken seriously. Poor design usually means rework from another design firm that will cost the company extra if they are not planned correctly. A logo should represent what a company does & speak to its market. It needs to evoke a emotional connection with the product and their customer. The logo, or brand lets the customer know when they see your logo they can expect a certain level of service, good or bad. It sets an expectation, which builds into brand loyalty.

There are four principles that make for a great logo design.

• Follow solid basic design principles
• Be functional
• Represent the company
• Be unique

Below is a link of 2010 Design trends from logolounge.com:



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